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Tasting/evaluation of olive oil samples

For producers and retailers

Quality is a primary factor for building a business strategy and brand/portfolio positioning. Based on Anna’s extensive experience with various cultivars, EVOO styles and quality of olive oil/extra virgin olive oils, a quality organoleptic evaluation of your samples could be performed. The assessment is based on IOC guidance and 10-score scale for the main characteristics Fruitiness, Bitterness and Pungency, along with identifying the presence of a defect/defects. The tasting evaluation could be made for samples of a new harvest/ previous harvest/s, 1st production/ several differing batches of production, etc. to suport a producer, retailer, importer in making business decisions.

Marketing & business advice

Portfolio creation, marketing & business strategy development, etc. for retailers, producers, importers/distributors

Creating a distinct point of differentiation in a highly competitive business environment is key for an integrated and winning business model. Anna has a rich 20+ year international business and marketing experience in versatile geographies in food, and various categories, among which coffee, confectionery and breakfast cereals. She has а proven record of achievements with established categories and leading brands, as well as with challenging brands and building new categories from scratch. Her ability for critical and different thinking, and multifaceted view could give you a new perspective, and be of support for a new or an established business.

Copy writing & content creation

Thematic texts, articles, etc.

Having a unique style and expression does make a difference. Anna has a talent for writing, which synchronizes with her broader understanding of varying contexts and specific business objectives. She could be your writing hand listening to your business goals and brand ideas.

olive oil consulting
olive oil consulting
olive oil consulting

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