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Thematic events

Teambuilding for corporate teams, corporate gifting, corporate healthy lifestyle programs

People and teams have many ways to connect and bond. We offer a new o’live and bonding experience full of life, discovery and inspiration – of Nature and its rich flavours to enliven the senses, of care and giving the best to self and others, of elaborated simplicity, which is perhaps the most precious luxury nowadays.

Offer your team a different gift to share together! O’live&Dine (an olive oil tasting & pairing dining experience), O’live&Cook (an olive oil tasting & cooking experience), O’live&Learn (an olive oil tasting&masterclass, elaborating on selected topics, e.g. MedDiet for health and beauty, Chef at home – cooking and foodpairing with EVOO, Liquid gold – unveiling the myths, or any olive/food topic relevant for your team’s broadened horizons), O’live&Dream (an olive oil tasting&inspirational session about selfawareness and pursuing dreams), O’live& Wellbeing (an olive oil tasting & inspirational session about maintaining healthier lifestyles)

Partnerships with chefs & restaurants

We value mastery, novelty and splendour on the plate, perhaps as much as you do. Our passion is inspiring new enriching and exciting perspectives for your menu with the highest category of the golden elixir – extra virgin olive oil – a pure juice from Nature, undoubtedly the most noble, healthy and complex in aromas lipid gifted to humanity. O’live&Art in the kitchen is a vehicle to uniquely bond food and monocultivar EVOOs, following a rising pairing trend in the kitchen, and in mixology too. Its final destination is authentic differentiation, novel flavour experiences, clean and natural expression of the food, thrilling curiosity for the clients – gastro enthusiasts and gourmet seekers.

The EVOO world is exciting with its more than 1200 studied olive cultivars of varying expression and intensity of their natural perfumes, bitter and pungent sensations,absolutely bringing Nature on a plate. How to pair winter root veggies so they naturally shine? How to elevate the flavours of dark chocolate in a delightful mousse? How to get spring greens more expressive?

All these themes are part of Anna’s profound study of Nature’s flavours along with more than 50 olive cultivars with their specific characteristics, from more than 7 countries and various regions, and in relation to multiple food pairings. The outcome on the plate may vary depending on the objective – to harmonise and enrich the dish, or to bring contrast and provoke the palate. Let’s explore the answers and bring new creations on the plate together!

Selecting the most suitable EVOO portfolio for your restaurant

Training & masterclasses for the team

Training about monocultivar EVOOs & blends

Developing a seasonal menu & thematic events together

Partnerships with professionals in the field of food

Education, trade, science, health, beauty, lifestyle...

We believe that growing the food and EVOO culture towards more awareness, conscious and better choices, and healthier lifestyles is a shared social mission and responsibility. We believe in a collaborating community – bridging our knwledge and talents to support each other and others. Therfore, we are happy to add value and collaborate with other professionals on projects aiming at the wellbeing of a broader circle of people

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