EVOO Hub by Anna Petkova

 Food & Happiness the Mediterranean Way

*EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, the highest quality category of olive oil)



We bring the Mediterranean to your and our events to keep it with us forever! In a glass of superior extra virgin olive oil, in a strippaggio, in a delightful bite full of flavors, in piles of radiant smiles….


Download and try some of Anna's recipes!

Zucchini flowers with ricotta

Pesto alla Trapanese

Hummus with black chickpeas & aubergine

Pies with spring greens & yellow peas

Gratain of root veggies & wild garlic

Lemon confit cream

Pasta with ricotta & lemon confit

Lemon sweets with saffron

A la Herring under fur coat

Spring soup with greens

Warm salad of Jerusalem artichoke, spinach & tuna

Stew with green beans, peas & cashew nuts

Winter tomato soup

Ricotta & blackberries cake

Mini pancakes – sweet & salty

Cream of beetroot, ricotta & pistachio

Bread with no hands

Paneer & spinach curry

Naturally fermented pickles

Pie with salmon, leek & dill

Bask cheesecake with pumpkin

Oat meal with yogurt, sesame & persimmon

Cake with cheese, Swiss chard & dill

Curry with black beans, pumpkin & orange

Pies with mushrooms, onion & potatoes

Humus with fava, red lentils & mint


Lemon cake with white chocolate

Potato cheese parsley fritters

Cream of red lentils

Bread with no hands

Why going for high quality EVOO?

Learn about extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) at our online school! Start with the 4 common myths and watch more short videos to enrich your knowledge about tasting, choosing & cooking with EVOO.

We grow the EVOO culture together

Заедно развиваме културата на зехтин extra virgin